my lies & my facade (dark_branwen) wrote in sailorvenus,
my lies & my facade

Sailor Moon Land


Sailormoonland is an interactive team community for the fans of Sailormoon. There are three teams, which for the most part you can choose to join: Team Inners, Team Outers, and Team Chaos. You will be encouraged to participate in activities, earn points for your team, and hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and other fun things.

That was copied from the userinfo. My experiences with sailormoonland are all great ones. I have SO MUCH fun with just about every challenge they put up. There are fics and graphics and fanmixes and random things like mazes and scavenger hunts. And I think all of the teams are truly a community within themselves of great, fun, supportive people. Team Inners rocks the most of course though. ;)

Please consider joining! And if you do join, tell them who sent you!
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