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Sailor Moon UNIVERSE; A Fan Made Anime

Hey guys, I'm like, totally spamming you with this - but it doesn't appear that many people know about this series. I work on it and voice Sailor Venus, and figured it'd be nice to get the word out. But here are a few things to note before you read any further.

1. We do use the dub names. We are a North American based group, thus we thought it would be best to stick with the North American names because they're easier to say, and more people know them. We are sticking with the original Japanese character relationships and genders, though. And our target audience is teens, not young children.

2. We are reusing old footage. However, we have constructed new battle scenes using existing footage and a process called masking, which is very tedious and pretty hard to do. We've made old footage look like new, though, and it does have the feel of a pretty well put together series.

3. It is in no way official. Please do not believe anyone saying that Sailor Moon is making some sort of new season, because it's not - they're most likely referring to SMU, or some of the other series that seem to have sprung up since SMU's initial announcement and creation.

4. Everything can be watched at and downloaded at .

5. We have most of the core cast - we're still looking for some male roles and a new Sailor Pluto, so please audition!

A bold new take on a classic anime - Sailor Moon Universe is a fanmade sixth season of one of the most well known anime in all of the

Only a few short months after the biggest fight of her life, Serena Tsukino is needed once again. Through choice encounters and horrible nightmares, she learns that she must become Sailor Moon once again and reunite her friends as the Inner & Outer Sailor Soldiers in order to save the world from something NO ONE is ready for; HER PAST ENEMIES.

Using revitalized powers, the soldiers become new and refreshed, ready for all challenges that come their way. But what happens when they find out that her enemies are also plotting with her supposed allies, and at the same time no less? Will they be able to handle so much pressure all at once? Or will they sink the Earth into clouded darkness?

To take things to the next level, Serena finds herself with insecurities about her relationship with Darien; what will he say after learning about mysterious messages connected with her? What will Serena do when she finds out Seiya is coming back to Earth?

Sailor Moon UNIVERSE

This series and its production is strictly North American and has no ties to Japan. Although all promotional clips made thus far use Japanese music, the end product will not be that way. The series has been scripted in English for an English-speaking vocal cast and audience.


J-Paul District

With regards to the Sailor Moon UNIVERSE project, J-Paul District will be the dominant editing team and release team for the series. This website is also part of the work that our company has done.

For more information, please visit our website

is a stand-alone group that has existed since 2003. We have released quite a few productions of our own, including "Alcoholic Nightmare" and "Scat Town ". We are masters of high-quality amateur film production geared towards teenage audiences and above. Our group also excels in DVD Production/Authoring and Encoding.
reuses scenes and segments from all existing Sailor Moon TV-Series episodes, movies, specials, video games, and even rare instances such as commercials. No part of this fan-made series is official and new from the original animating companies. In some instances, some special scenes, such as OP-ED Themes and transformations/attacks, the original animations have been changed in terms of quality, size, video effects, and backgrounds (through Masking technology).

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