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Sailor Moon Land [05 Jun 2010|11:42pm]



Sailormoonland is an interactive team community for the fans of Sailormoon. There are three teams, which for the most part you can choose to join: Team Inners, Team Outers, and Team Chaos. You will be encouraged to participate in activities, earn points for your team, and hold both in-team and across-team discussions and parties and other fun things.

That was copied from the userinfo. My experiences with sailormoonland are all great ones. I have SO MUCH fun with just about every challenge they put up. There are fics and graphics and fanmixes and random things like mazes and scavenger hunts. And I think all of the teams are truly a community within themselves of great, fun, supportive people. Team Inners rocks the most of course though. ;)

Please consider joining! And if you do join, tell them who sent you!

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[20 Sep 2009|08:07pm]

My friend drew this of me on a date with minako...enjoy XD

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Hey! [06 Aug 2009|02:24pm]

 Hello! I'm new to LJ and I'd like to meet more people with common interests!
Take a look at my journal entries, if you think we'd get along, feel free to add me / comment ^_^.

Aino Minako <3

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Sailor Moon Fanswap! [14 Jul 2009|11:24am]



June 19th - July 17th: Sign-Ups
October 21st: Last Day to Submit
October 21st - November 21st: Extensions and Pinch Hitters
November 22nd - Posting Begins

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Aino Minako Theme at sm_monthly [06 Jul 2009|04:21pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

sm_monthly sm_monthly sm_monthly sm_monthly

Sailor Moon Monthly is a community that has been going strong for three years now, but a recent change in the rules has prompted me to restart the pimpage process! Previously, every month has centered around an overarcing theme. For example, this month is centering on Aino Minako/Sailor Venus. Every day, a prompt is posted, and members have typically responded with a fic centering around that prompt which corresponds to that month's theme. So, if the prompt Volleyball is given for the Minako month, you can write a fic about Minako playing volleyball or something else that strikes your fancy.

Two things have changed recently: 1) we are now holding bi-monthly themes, giving members an extra month to turn in submissions prior to holding awards. And 2) We are now accepting fanart as well as fanfiction submissions!

Please don't feel like there's any obligation to submit to every day! Those who do complete a monthly challenge, either with all fic, all art, or combination, will be awarded a banner and an avatar, but do not feel pressured to submit to every prompt if you don't want to.

For more information, please visit the community or ask me here. I hope to see some of you over there!

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Sailor Moon Big Bang [30 Jun 2009|05:10pm]

smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang
smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang
smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang
smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang
smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang smbigbang

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"Lemon" - An Aino Minako Tribute [29 Jun 2009|12:49am]

[ mood | energetic ]

I've wanted to make this video since I first heard the song "Lemon" by Katy Rose and pretty much immediately linked it with Minako. I think this is definitely my best effort yet, so I hope you all enjoy it!

And yes, I use a lot of footage from episode 42. Minako's London backstory is my absolute favorite BSSM episode, and one of my favorite aspects about the series.

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Sailor Moon Kink Meme [31 May 2009|03:48am]


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[29 May 2009|11:13am]


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Acid Bullets [Fic] [22 Jan 2009|10:29pm]

Title: Acid Bullets
Pairing: Kunzite/Malachite x Minako
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG
Word Count: 576

Love transcends, even theirs.

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Sailor Moon Fanswap [14 Jan 2009|07:37am]

[ mood | ditzy ]

The mods are welcome to delete this if it is against the rules.


Sailor Moon Fanswap is a fanfic/fanart exchange for the writers and artists of Sailor Moon! The Fanswap is an annual event in it's first year, and we're all working very hard to make sure it's a success. If you're interested in contributing or just viewing the goodies once they're posted, please feel free to join the community. We hope to see you there.

And I've seen lots of requests for Minako fics, so feel free to join just to read the goodies once they're posted! :D

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Sailor Moon UNIVERSE; A Fan Made Anime [24 Nov 2008|12:18pm]


Hey guys, I'm like, totally spamming you with this - but it doesn't appear that many people know about this series. I work on it and voice Sailor Venus, and figured it'd be nice to get the word out. But here are a few things to note before you read any further.

1. We do use the dub names. We are a North American based group, thus we thought it would be best to stick with the North American names because they're easier to say, and more people know them. We are sticking with the original Japanese character relationships and genders, though. And our target audience is teens, not young children.

2. We are reusing old footage. However, we have constructed new battle scenes using existing footage and a process called masking, which is very tedious and pretty hard to do. We've made old footage look like new, though, and it does have the feel of a pretty well put together series.

3. It is in no way official. Please do not believe anyone saying that Sailor Moon is making some sort of new season, because it's not - they're most likely referring to SMU, or some of the other series that seem to have sprung up since SMU's initial announcement and creation.

4. Everything can be watched at www.youtube.com/user/JPaulDistrict and downloaded at www.j-pauldistrict.com/smu/ .

5. We have most of the core cast - we're still looking for some male roles and a new Sailor Pluto, so please audition!

Additional informationCollapse )

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fanmix: This Fragile Disguise - Part Two: C'est la Vie [27 May 2008|02:33am]

[ mood | creative ]

The second part to my very first fanmix. xD The first installment (which you can find here) to This Fragile Disguise was about Minako not being secure with who she is; and this part (C'est la Vie) is Minako becoming secure with who she is and being truly happy.  There are also a few songs dedicated to the relationships that made her who she is, such as Artemis, Ace, and of course, Usagi.  Feel free to use the cover art for something if you like, just be sure to credit me. ^_^ Please comment!

(  i've waited so long to just be happy  )

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fanmix: aino minako - this fragile disguise [21 May 2008|03:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

My very first fanmix! :D I am quite excited about this, and I spent AGES on it, so I hope people like the music and all of the artwork. ^_^ This first one is for Aino Minako called This Fragile Disguise - Part One: Identity Crisis, which is going to be the first in a two part mix.  This one has sad songs; the other one will be happier. xD Feel free to use the cover art for something if you like, just be sure to credit me. ^_^ Please comment!

Includes songs by Sia, The Bangles, and Katy Rose.


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